14 Oct

How do You Become Successful in Something?

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

How do you succeed in something?

You need to connect to it as much as possible.

Where do you learn to build connections?

In your family.

Your first relations are with your parents, your grandparents, your uncles, aunts, your siblings, etc. People who succeed in building these initial relationships know how to connect with others around them. They know how to connect with their work, business, society, and life itself.

In building a successful life, your relationship with your family is of great importance.

Why do people fail in their life projects and relationships?

Very often this happens because their relationships with their family never evolved.
It was stuck in childhood.

This causes a hitch in any life project. Because the way you connect with your family is the same way you connect to life.

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29 Apr

Gratitude Habit

Семейные расстановки по Берту Хеллингеру в Торонто

Being grateful to the life just the way it is, being grateful to your parents just the way they are – this is a blessing. This feels like a blessing in your body.

Bert Hellinger, the author of the family constellations method, suggests in one of his books to write down a few good things about your mother, father, spouse. This is the way of becoming grateful, especially if you are unhappy about the things around you.

Many of us are so got used to be unhappy, angry, stuck and so on. Why don’t we decide one day to begin developing new habits, Read More

02 Feb

Are You Really in That Relationship?

If something goes wrong in your relationship, do not rush to say that your husband or wife, your partner is the bad one.
Very often in relationships there are situations that are not obvious at all. And those situations affect relationships significantly.
Often, if looking at the situation superficially, this is “easy” to see who to “blame” for all the failures and conflicts. If looking deeper at the situation, this often reveals unexpected things. It turns out, you can be physically present near your partner, live with him/her, at the same time be unavailable for him or her. Such relationships are not successful, there might be frequent conflicts. Getting a new partner does not really help, as the root of the situation remains without changes. So, what is the root of the problem? Read More

10 Nov

Problem Children

Problem Children, Who are They? And if This are Them Who are Problem?

I’d like to share some information on this topic from the point of view of the family and systemic constellations method by Bert Hellinger. This method often offers a lot of unexpected insights. Here are a few of them on the subject of problem children:

Children are Saving Their Parents, Especially Their Mom. For the sake of their parents, especially for the mother, the children are ready to sacrifice everything. Literally. This phenomenon is so-called a blind children’s love. So when there is something wrong with the mother (children feel it!) Read More

02 Nov

Interrupted Movement

Family Constellations Toronto

Belonging to the family for a child – it’s a matter of survival. An adult can take care of himself/herself, a child – no. The smaller the child, the greater the need to belong to the family.

There is such a thing as “interrupted movement.” The situation of interrupted movement occurs when the mother, for whatever reason, can not be with her child, and the child is waiting for her, he/she needs the mother. The child gets scared, angry, and then he/she stops in the final decision not to love anybody, because the pain is too strong. The younger the child, the deeper the trauma.
Read More

01 Nov

Relationships. Did you know?

Family Costellations - Relationship Problems

Did you know that …

The ones who want nothing for themselves and only do everything for others – they destroy the relationship in a couple.

The ones who always forgive – this is, again, they destroy relationships.

“I did everything for him/her!”, “They have never argued, and then suddenly – divorce” and so on. These are very common situations.

Bert Hellinger, the author of the method of family constellations, discovered quite a lot of unexpected things. For example, for the relationship in a couple to be successful, must be a balance between “taking” – “giving,” and exchanging in good should grow. He also introduced the concept of “paying back with love.”
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25 Oct

To Women

Being able to find your place in life, understanding your own value – it’s a great gift. If you stop for a moment, drop all the ideas of what is right, and what is wrong, and ask yourself the question: “Am I happy as a woman?”, You can suddenly realize that, perhaps, no, not very happy. Why? Is there anyone to blame? This, in fact, not to find the guilty. It’s about where the root of the problem is. In most cases, the root of the problem is located absolutely not where we imagine it.
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27 Dec

And Once More About Fathers

Family Constellations, Method by Bert Hellinger

The more I look at life with the question “Who are our fathers for us?”, the more answers I discover. And these new answers give me the feeling of balance. Here are some of them:
Balance. The simplest thing: we need our fathers to balance our feminine in us. Why do we need it? We need it for many reasons:
To Stop Looking Around Through “A Mother’s Eyes” Read More

27 Dec

Why Some Relationships are Overwhelming?

When a child gets born, mother and child they are such a close oneness, they are so dissolved one into another, they are like one person.
And we all need this experience in our life to be able to grow up. Without this we will be looking for it in the people around us.
For example, without this experience we will be trying to get dissolved in our spouse, which is very overwhelming for him/her.
Will such a relationship be happy, successful?