16 May

Your Place in Life

Family Constellations Therapy Elena Nesterenko

Have you ever felt like not knowing where is your right place in Life?

It is almost like you don’t know who you are… Who you are in any ways and aspects: job, friends, family… It is when you feel misplaced or not placed the right way. And this is very important to take your right place in Life.
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05 Nov

You’ve Got All You Need. Problem as a Blessing. Nourishing Source.

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

Whatever situation you face in your life tells you a lot about yourself.
It actually gives you a feedback on your current state.
People who are into some spiritual activity say that things happen not to you but for you. They also say we live in the attraction based universe. I agree. And I’d like to invite you now not only to know this but to live through this.

We are Equipped

Our bodies are being constantly attacked by some bacteria. In our body, our little universe, there is happening a constant fight to protect us against the enemies. And if you only think of how many harmful enemies in a form of bacteria we have, it might feel depressing. Read More

23 Jan

Mind & Heart

Family & Systemic Constellations Torornto Canada Elena Nesterenko

There are lots of conversations about the mind to be our server, not our ruler. In other words is that we are being controlled by our minds too much. And during meditation many people put lots of effort to calm down the mind. In Family Constellations approach there is nothing to suppress or reject, but acknowledge and integrate instead. Your mind is a part of you.

While meditating myself and working with other people I have noticed that the people, who have their hearts closed, Read More

11 Jan

Physical Health

Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill

What is a healthy body?
First of all, body is energy. Then a healthy body is a body where the energy floats freely. To develop an illness you need to get an area of tension in your body first, so the life energy cannot float freely through this tension. Also, by getting areas of tension in your body, you also get areas of low energy/emptiness, which are also very good target spots for illnesses. Once you relief the tension, mighty life energy flushes the illness away. Read More

18 Oct


Very often people tend to reject and forget anything they do not like. Being very good learners we successfully develop weak memory or tension in our bodies. This causes lots of problems: health, life problems and so on. Yes, the price is high. If going even deeper the price turns to be even higher. By developing tension and weak memory we weaken our connection to the creative source. And then we lack energy and we do not know our purpose here anymore. And we do not remember any more how beautifully happy we were at the very, very beginning, when we just received our bodies; how beautifully wonderful this world looked to us. Now, having your body here, we might want to escape our experience by rejecting it.

Bert Hellinger says that there are two types of memories: one type keeps us ill and in the past and the other one frees us for the life. More about it on the next workshop: www.constellations.work/workshops/

06 Jun

Acknowledging Guilt

Семейные Расстановки в Торонто

Feeling guilty is not just a feeling. This is often a feeling with consequences. A guilty feeling is looking for punishment and might be very successful in finding it. The deeper the guilt is the stronger the result can be.

The guilty feeling might be your personal or might be inherited from your family system (or from somewhere else). In other words the guilt your are carrying might be yours or not yours. This was often seen during family constellations sessions. Bert Hellinger says that guilt makes us ill and unsuccessful.
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30 May

Changing for Better

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

If we want to change anything for better, this is only possible if we observe it first. When we open ourselves to it without any fear and intention, observe it and live through our sensations, then we are able to switch the problem for better. Most of our problems (or may be all of them) are our “blind spots”. We do not see them.
Constellation sessions show that even realizing or seeing the truth is often enough to initiate that shift.

Elena Nesterenko
Family & Systemic Constellations in Toronto

23 May

Looking for Happiness

Family Constellations Workshop Vaughan Toronto

If you feel sad and are looking around trying to find some happiness for yourself – this is no the place for your happiness.

Your happiness is in you. No one can make you happy if you do not connect to your own happiness first.

Bert Hellinger says that our happiness is in connection to our mother. We are happy as much as we take our mother. And he says that many people do not understand that our mother is already within us, no need to look for her.

These words are just a just words for you until you are able to walk your own path, to live through it. What matters here is your inner experience. Otherwise these are just words.

Elena Nesterenko
Family Systemic Constellations in Toronto

29 Apr

Gratitude Habit

Семейные расстановки по Берту Хеллингеру в Торонто

Being grateful to the life just the way it is, being grateful to your parents just the way they are – this is a blessing. This feels like a blessing in your body.

Bert Hellinger, the author of the family constellations method, suggests in one of his books to write down a few good things about your mother, father, spouse. This is the way of becoming grateful, especially if you are unhappy about the things around you.

Many of us are so got used to be unhappy, angry, stuck and so on. Why don’t we decide one day to begin developing new habits, Read More