29 Apr

Gratitude Habit

Семейные расстановки по Берту Хеллингеру в Торонто

Being grateful to the life just the way it is, being grateful to your parents just the way they are – this is a blessing. This feels like a blessing in your body.

Bert Hellinger, the author of the family constellations method, suggests in one of his books to write down a few good things about your mother, father, spouse. This is the way of becoming grateful, especially if you are unhappy about the things around you.

Many of us are so got used to be unhappy, angry, stuck and so on. Why don’t we decide one day to begin developing new habits,

the habits of joining happiness, easiness, flexibility? This does not anyhow mean that you have to take under control and suppress your conditions. No. I am speaking of developing some new habits. Why not to start your Gratitude Diary where you can daily write down 20 things you are grateful for, even if they are so far some imaginary things. As some people suggest, if you are really depressed, write down 100 things that day 🙂

If some conditions are very stubborn, if your anger, for example, is way to strong, even though you write down every day something like “I am grateful for feeling happy”, this might be something you have to face and integrate, as this might be coming from your family system. Family constellations by Bert Hellinger is a way of doing it.

By Elena Nesterenko
Family Constellations in Toronto