16 May

Your Place in Life

Family Constellations Therapy Elena Nesterenko

Have you ever felt like not knowing where is your right place in Life?

It is almost like you don’t know who you are… Who you are in any ways and aspects: job, friends, family… It is when you feel misplaced or not placed the right way. And this is very important to take your right place in Life.
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03 Jan


Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

“All people are successful. The question is “in what?”. Lots of people are successful in sending their vital energy to the past, which keeps them disconnected from their life. If you want to be successful in your life today you need to send your energy towards life.”

“Your roots and your past are the source of energy and wisdom for you.” Read More

26 Nov

When You Cannot Bear Your State

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

If your sate is too much for you, if you feel too intense, or too emotional, or too tired, this means you are out of balance. What does it mean? From many family constellations sessions it often shows that when people are out of balance, it means they are holding a wrong place in their family system. Usually they are connected to the past. Often they try to parent their mother or their father as if their parents were children. Also it happens, they are connected to some past trauma in their family, and not simply connected, but connected to just one side of it.

More about it during the family constellations workshops:
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05 Nov

You’ve Got All You Need. Problem as a Blessing. Nourishing Source.

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

Whatever situation you face in your life tells you a lot about yourself.
It actually gives you a feedback on your current state.
People who are into some spiritual activity say that things happen not to you but for you. They also say we live in the attraction based universe. I agree. And I’d like to invite you now not only to know this but to live through this.

We are Equipped

Our bodies are being constantly attacked by some bacteria. In our body, our little universe, there is happening a constant fight to protect us against the enemies. And if you only think of how many harmful enemies in a form of bacteria we have, it might feel depressing. Read More

25 Jun

Beliefs & Conscience

Family Constellations - Educationa and Practical Workshop - Stuckness - by Elena Nesterenko in Totno Area

We carry many very well established beliefs built out of certain past circumstances. They come to us from our background: our country, our religion, our family. We obey certain beliefs on our cellular level if not even deeper. The important thing here is that these beliefs get built into our beings so deeply, so we do not see the difference anymore: where are us and where are the beliefs that might be already obsolete and even damaging to us. Read More

18 Jun

Most of Us Fail Here

Family Constellations Toronto


Parents. This is where most of people get stuck. As per Bert Hellinger, it’s not even both parents, it is usually just the mother. He says that the root of most of the problems lies in relationship with the mother, in our attitude towards her.
Of course, there are people burdened with some family past trauma, but most of cases are not like that. Most of people are stuck in the relationship with the mother or/and the father.
For people to become successful as parents it is enough to pass life. This is it. The rest (taking care of a child, feeding, buying cloth, educating and so on) is optional. Does it sound harsh? May be. Read More

25 Apr

Success in Business & Profession

Constellations for Business in Toronto, Method of Bert & Sofie Hellinger

Did you know, money has a soul. And profession or business as well.
How to find your success in your profession or business and earn money?

If there is not enough success in your business or professional life, if you are not making enough money, what could be the root cause?

From the Family Constellations for Business work the most common reasons for not being successful are:
Your success might not be looking at you. As simple as this. Believe it or not.
The money might not want to come to you, might be turning away from you.
Your work might not be looking at you.
Same, your business might not be looking at you.
Your customers might not be looking at your offer.
And more.

This might sound confusing, but this is what you can look at during your constellation session. You might see how you are doing with your success, money, job or business. You might find out if your profession, business or product has any potential. And the most important, you might be able to see what is the root cause of your problem and even switch your current situation for better. And again, from the family constellations work: we project our own personal problems to our relationship with our work, business, money.

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25 Jan

Expectations & Missed Opportunities

Family Constellations in Vaughan by Elena Nesterenko

One rabbi was very proud of his faith in God. He would always say: “I believe in the Lord.”
And then one day a flood happens. All people are saving themselves the way they can. Only the rabbi is calm and doing nothing: “I believe in the Lord. He will save me.”

The water continued to arrive. A boat comes to the rabbi’s house, and the people sitting in it, say: “There is place for one more person here, come with us, otherwise you will drown.” The rabbi replies: “No, I believe in the Lord, he will save me.” Read More