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Organizational Constellations Toronto Organizational Constellations are for managers, teams, businesses, organizations, interested in working on issues related to personnel management, high personnel flow, team coordination, product marketing, merging businesses, and other business related issues.

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You can work on your business/organisation question during one of the family constellations group sessions (Family Constellations is the original name of the work, it is applied to improve organisational health. Other names of this work are Organizational Constellations, Systemic Constellations). To sign up for a group session, choose a Family Constellations Workshop, Group Session:

In a AAA company there is a manager’s position which is unsuccessfully occupied by different managers for about two years. During the organizational constellations session this is discovered that there is a tension in the system (in the AAA company). All employees of that department do not look towards any new manager. They do not recognize the manager’s authority. Why? Because they all still obey to the manager, who was dismissed for about two years ago without any respect and recognition of his input. After this is put in order, employees finally are able to see their current manager. The tension leaves the system.

If this example sounds unexpected or unclear feel free to contact me.

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