23 Jul

Family Constellations Will Resume in September

Family Constellations Will Resume in September

Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

Till September 10th I am away from Canada and will be sometimes disconnected from the Internet. I will answer your emails as soon as I can.

Family constellations workshops and individual sessions in Toronto will resume in September!

Have a beautiful summer 🙂
Thank you!
Elena Nesterenko

04 Apr

Constellations for Business

Family Constellations for Business - Toronto - by Elena Nesterenko

I am opening new series of the family constellations workshops:

Constellations for Business

Whether you are an employee or an owner of a small business, or if you are an owner of a bigger business with employees, you might have various questions and situations, related to your professional or business success:
– Earning more money
– Relationship with your boss
– Getting a better profession or position
– Getting your business going
– Personnel flow
– Releasing new product
– Merging companies
– Purchasing a new business
– And more

Family Constellations for Busines is a tool to look into any of your profession or business related questions, to look for the sources of your success.

Elena Nesterenko – Constellations for Business
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06 Mar

Family Costellations – New Short Educational Series on Health , Relationships, Work and More

Family Constellations Educational Mini Workshops Toronto Area

Announcing new Family Constellations educational & practical mini series.
These short sessions are intended to discover, educate yourself and work on various topics , like:
– Health
– Relationships
– Children & School
– Difficult Children
– Work
– Profession
– Business
– Money
– Rpetative Life Cirumstances
– And more

During each mini-workshop I am going to share infromation about a certain topic, following this by a short practical systemic movement, so you can actually observe your own situation from the outside. Observing might acrtually bring a very healing and insightful information to you.

For the detailed information about the mini series workshops please refer to the workshops schedule page:
Family Constellations Workshops Schedule, Toronto Area
Elena Nesterenko

03 Mar

Family Constellations Workshop in Vaughan, Toronto Area on March 24, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018, 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Facilitator: Elena Nesterenko
Investment: $50.00
To sign up, please email: info@constellations.work
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Location: Please contact for the location address (Major Mackenzie dr & Weston rd)

Family Constellations & Energy Balancing Practical Workshop
During the workshop we will be working towards reaching our full capacities, our gifts, our talents, our resources, connecting to our roots and gaining more support in life; also talking about the family constellations work, meditating, working on personal issues and balancing body energy. Comfortable clothing is recommended, so you can relax and move.

This is what we might discuss during the workshop (these are some ideas and we will go with the flow, whatever emerges): basics of family constellations, life situations & family constellations, the most common symptoms of different past problems and traumas affecting today’s relationships, health, work, social life.

Family Constellations Workshops Schedule