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I am Elena Nesterenko, residing in Canada, Toronto, originally from Kiev, Ukraine.
I am the founder of Family Constellations Centre, located in city of Vaughan, Ontario.

My whole life I’ve been searching for ways to heal. I got very interested in the official medicine and then in homeopathy (I am still using homeopathy today). 11 years ago I become very interested in the family constellations method by Bert Hellinger. I am in family constellations since the year of 2008. A few years after that I started looking to learn facilitating myself. Today I am a certified family constellations facilitator, received my certificates from Hellinger Institute in Toronto and Hellinger Sciencia in Germany. I took trips to Germany and Mexico for the Bert Hellinger’s trainings and then I continued educating myself further in Toronto with Vlado Ilic and Hellinger Institute of Toronto, Marina Toledo.

And I am also bringing to you one more beautiful method of heling your body: bionagnetism by dr. Goiz. I usually provide information on it during the sessions and workshops.

For me life is a constant movement full of wonders and we learn every single day of it.
This life is full of wonders and the biggest wonder is the life itself 🙂