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Family Constellations Group Workshops Toronto
Group sessions are for individuals, interested in working on their personal matters, like health, relationships, repetitive life patterns and situations, professional or business life.

Sessions are conducted in groups, where participants get a chance to either work on their own request or/and to be a helper (representative).

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Working on Your Own Request
When you, as a client, work on your request, you are guided by the facilitator. You do not have to talk a lot about your issue, all you need to say is a few words, describing the issue. These a few important words coming from your soul. In family constellations work the less you say to the facilitator – the better. Sometimes it happens you do not need to say anything. So, when coming to a family constellations workshop, you do not have to get prepared to explain in front of the group about your problems and life situations. For example, your request might sound like this: “Fear”, “Back pain”, “Insomnia”, “My relationship with my child” and so on. The less your facilitator knows about you, the better it is for your own benefits.

Participating as a Helper (Representative)
While working on the client’s request, the client or the facilitator might invite the group members to participate as helpers (representatives). So, you might be invited to help. You might agree to help, you might refuse – this is completely your choice. You do not have to force yourself to represent.

After Workshop
If you had your own constellation done, for your strength and maximum benefits, do not discuss the steps of your constellation with anyone, do not analyse it, let it be, let your soul and body realign to work the new way. You may mention in general that you were participating in a family constellations workshop and had a constellation done. This is OK if not going into any particular details.

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