Family Constellations – Individual Sessions

Family Constellations Individual Sessions, In Person, or over Skype Individual sessions are for the people, interested in working on their personal matters, like health, relationships, repetitive life patterns and situations, professional or business life.

Individual sessions are conducted either in person or over Skype.
One session takes from 1,5 to 2 hours.
Investment: $150.00

Note: I offer family constellations individual sessions in combination with other methods. For those, who are new to family constellations I strongly recommend to come to a group session first (Read about workting in groups, refer to workshops schedule).

During Session
During the one-on-one family constellations session there is a facilitator, guiding your work, and you. The facilitator might ask you some questions or you might just need to say your request in a short form. For example: “I feel stuck”, “Money issue”, “Relationship with my husband does not work well” etc. There will be no long discussion as the less your facilitator knows about you the better work is.

After Session
After your session, to achieve maximum effect from the work, do not discuss any session details and do not analyze it. This is fine to mention in general that you had a family constellation session. Again, for your benefits and strength do not discuss the steps and do not analyze the work, allow it some time to have an effect on you.

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