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Family Constellations – What is it About?

Family Constellations work is all about relationships. Any kind of relationships. For example, your relationship with your work, your family members, your friends, your boss, your health, your life, your success, your money – your anything.

When Something Doesn’t Work in Your Life

If something does not work in your life, this is usually about some “broken” relationship.
For example, if you are not successful at work or, in other words, if your relationship with your work is not going well, then, if looking deeper, you might find out that the reason for this is your broken relationship with your mother. It could be that you simply do not respect your mother and think that you are better than her. Family constellations session can show the reason.

So, in general, if something does not work well in your life, this means that someone is not being seen, acknowledged, recognized, respected or, speaking in general, included. If you open your heart to respect this someone and to see him/her with love, your life, health, success might significantly shift to better.

Family Members

Who is this that you need to see, respect, acknowledge?
It could be someone from your very close family, like your mother or father, or your siblings (especially the ones, who died young, or were aborted). It could be someone from the previous generations of your family. And there is more to it. Each case is unique. In general, there is some traumatic situation around this very important person or people.

Very often our problems happen because of some excluded family members.

How Excluded Members Affect Us Today

Here are a few examples:
If a child is depressed, this might be because of an abortion the child’s mother had before. In this case the aborted child is the one, who was excluded from the family. There are more examples to it. Or if your personal life does not work this could be because of your relationship with your mother or father. Again, each and every case is unique. Your family constellation session helps switching those “broken” relationships from disrespect to respect, from guilt to love so you can free yourself for your own life.

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