10 Jan

Blessings & Integration

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

How do I expand myself to my full capacities? How do I become fully myself?
My capacities, gifts and strength, my energy – this is all I am here and now.
And who am I here and now?
Some higher source initiated my life here. And this life was given to me through my roots.
I am an extension of my roots. I can see the life energy moving from the source and creating a person after a person, circumstances after circumstances, and at some moment here is me coming. Yes, I am an extension of this life movement. I am all my past generations and all past circumstances, all of them, happy and difficult. I am the result of this evolution. I am part of this movement. How can I possibly reject any of my past, my roots, myself after all? Because I don’t like something in my past? So what? Once I feel that I am an extension of this life movement all I have in my soul is to ask: “PLEASE, BLESS ME!” I ask all my ancestors by blood and by circumstances. I ask all of them without any exception, each and every. I ask the higher force that created me: “PLEASE, BLESS ME! I AM HERE.” This is where my capacities and my strength is. Then I pass this blessing further to the life around me: “Bless you all and everything around.”

Elena Nesterenko
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