18 Oct


Very often people tend to reject and forget anything they do not like. Being very good learners we successfully develop weak memory or tension in our bodies. This causes lots of problems: health, life problems and so on. Yes, the price is high. If going even deeper the price turns to be even higher. By developing tension and weak memory we weaken our connection to the creative source. And then we lack energy and we do not know our purpose here anymore. And we do not remember any more how beautifully happy we were at the very, very beginning, when we just received our bodies; how beautifully wonderful this world looked to us. Now, having your body here, we might want to escape our experience by rejecting it.

Bert Hellinger says that there are two types of memories: one type keeps us ill and in the past and the other one frees us for the life. More about it on the next workshop: www.constellations.work/workshops/