18 Jun

Most of Us Fail Here

Family Constellations Toronto


Parents. This is where most of people get stuck. As per Bert Hellinger, it’s not even both parents, it is usually just the mother. He says that the root of most of the problems lies in relationship with the mother, in our attitude towards her.
Of course, there are people burdened with some family past trauma, but most of cases are not like that. Most of people are stuck in the relationship with the mother or/and the father.
For people to become successful as parents it is enough to pass life. This is it. The rest (taking care of a child, feeding, buying cloth, educating and so on) is optional. Does it sound harsh? May be. Read More

25 Apr

Success in Business & Profession

Constellations for Business in Toronto, Method of Bert & Sofie Hellinger

Did you know, money has a soul. And profession or business as well.
How to find your success in your profession or business and earn money?

If there is not enough success in your business or professional life, if you are not making enough money, what could be the root cause?

From the Family Constellations for Business work the most common reasons for not being successful are:
Your success might not be looking at you. As simple as this. Believe it or not.
The money might not want to come to you, might be turning away from you.
Your work might not be looking at you.
Same, your business might not be looking at you.
Your customers might not be looking at your offer.
And more.

This might sound confusing, but this is what you can look at during your constellation session. You might see how you are doing with your success, money, job or business. You might find out if your profession, business or product has any potential. And the most important, you might be able to see what is the root cause of your problem and even switch your current situation for better. And again, from the family constellations work: we project our own personal problems to our relationship with our work, business, money.

Elena Nesterenko – Constellations for Business in Toronto
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25 Jan

Expectations & Missed Opportunities

Family Constellations in Vaughan by Elena Nesterenko

One rabbi was very proud of his faith in God. He would always say: “I believe in the Lord.”
And then one day a flood happens. All people are saving themselves the way they can. Only the rabbi is calm and doing nothing: “I believe in the Lord. He will save me.”

The water continued to arrive. A boat comes to the rabbi’s house, and the people sitting in it, say: “There is place for one more person here, come with us, otherwise you will drown.” The rabbi replies: “No, I believe in the Lord, he will save me.” Read More

25 Jan

Do You Know Who You Are? What are Your Skills?

Family Constellations Bert Hellinger's Method

There’s an old tale of how an orphaned tiger cub is raised by a flock of sheep. It grows up as a sheep, without any awareness that it is a tiger. One day a very old tiger sees the young tiger moving sheep-like with the flock. He separates the young tiger from the flock and chases him to the edge of a lake where he can look at his reflection in the water. There and then he sees the resemblance between himself and the old tiger, and realizes that he is not a sheep. (From the stories by Osho)

When you live not like yourself, but like the others (often like your family members), when you copy their behavior, lives, destinies, you don’t learn, who you actually are. Read More

22 Jan

Creating Space for Success

Whatever you’d like to attract into your life, you need to be available for it, you need to have space for it. And when it comes you need to be able to take it fully.

If you are not successful in something, feel it, may be your energy flows somewhere else, in some other direction? And feel it, may be it is here for you, may be you just do not take it?

Attracting success into your relationship. If you want to attract more success into your relationship, Read More

10 Jan

Blessings & Integration

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

How do I expand myself to my full capacities? How do I become fully myself?
My capacities, gifts and strength, my energy – this is all I am here and now.
And who am I here and now?
Some higher source initiated my life here. And this life was given to me through my roots.
I am an extension of my roots. I can see the life energy moving from the source and creating a person after a person, circumstances after circumstances, and at some moment here is me coming. Yes, I am an extension of this life movement. I am all my past generations and all past circumstances, all of them, happy and difficult. I am the result of this evolution. I am part of this movement. How can I possibly reject any of my past, my roots, myself after all? Because I don’t like something in my past? So what? Once I feel that I am an extension of this life movement all I have in my soul is to ask: “PLEASE, BLESS ME!” I ask all my ancestors by blood and by circumstances. I ask all of them without any exception, each and every. I ask the higher force that created me: “PLEASE, BLESS ME! I AM HERE.” This is where my capacities and my strength is. Then I pass this blessing further to the life around me: “Bless you all and everything around.”

Elena Nesterenko
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18 Oct


Very often people tend to reject and forget anything they do not like. Being very good learners we successfully develop weak memory or tension in our bodies. This causes lots of problems: health, life problems and so on. Yes, the price is high. If going even deeper the price turns to be even higher. By developing tension and weak memory we weaken our connection to the creative source. And then we lack energy and we do not know our purpose here anymore. And we do not remember any more how beautifully happy we were at the very, very beginning, when we just received our bodies; how beautifully wonderful this world looked to us. Now, having your body here, we might want to escape our experience by rejecting it.

Bert Hellinger says that there are two types of memories: one type keeps us ill and in the past and the other one frees us for the life. More about it on the next workshop: www.constellations.work/workshops/

06 Jun

Acknowledging Guilt

Семейные Расстановки в Торонто

Feeling guilty is not just a feeling. This is often a feeling with consequences. A guilty feeling is looking for punishment and might be very successful in finding it. The deeper the guilt is the stronger the result can be.

The guilty feeling might be your personal or might be inherited from your family system (or from somewhere else). In other words the guilt your are carrying might be yours or not yours. This was often seen during family constellations sessions. Bert Hellinger says that guilt makes us ill and unsuccessful.
Read More

30 May

Changing for Better

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

If we want to change anything for better, this is only possible if we observe it first. When we open ourselves to it without any fear and intention, observe it and live through our sensations, then we are able to switch the problem for better. Most of our problems (or may be all of them) are our “blind spots”. We do not see them.
Constellation sessions show that even realizing or seeing the truth is often enough to initiate that shift.

Elena Nesterenko
Family & Systemic Constellations in Toronto