25 May

What is Family Constellations Work?

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When people suffer from certain conditions and situations, related to their health, relationships, profession, business, repetitive circumstances and so on, this does not mean these are their own issues.

The issues people suffer from are often not their own issues.

Many of the issues are inherited from the systems, where people belong. For example, we belong to our family (or family system). This is one of the systems, that influences us a lot. So, for example, very often, when someone is ill, this is not his personal illness; the illness is often coming from his family system. This, in family constellations, is called a systemic entanglement. Family Constellations or Family & Systemic Constellations is the way of working with such systemic entanglements.

Family & Systemic Constellations is the way of working with the issues inherited from the family system.

And not only. If a person has issues because of his personal attitude (if there is no systemic entanglement), family constellations is the work to deal with the issue as well. And there is more to it. The above is the most common application of the family constellations work by Bert Hellinger.

Elena Nesterenko
Family & Systemic Constellations in Toronto