28 Mar

Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger. What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations in Toronto (a method by Bert Hellinger)


Success has a different meaning to all of us. For some this is a good health, for some – a happy relationship with parents, siblings, spouses, partners, children, or friends. Some people consider themselves successful if they are doing well professionally; some of us want to have inner peace or inner happiness, and there is more. These are a few examples of what people usually answer to the question “What does success mean to you?”

Why am I not Successful?

So, the question now is, why many of us cannot achieve what they want, their success? Because, in order to be successful in this life,

you have to interact with it. You have to send your vital energy towards life, you have to receive, what life is giving to you right here and right now, and you have to react to it. This all is possible when you are able to connect to life. And this is how you actually serve life and become successful in life.
Many of us, though, serve the past, not life. Meaning, many people send their vital energy towards the past, not life. And they are also successful, just in sending their life force towards the past. Therefore they are not successful in serving life as they are busy serving the past. How does it look like? Here is an example:
The mother is always depressed. Her children try to get attention from her and they cannot. She does not have any energy for them. Her husband does not get any energy from her either. She is annoyed with her husband. The reason for this, for example, could be an abortion her mother had, so she is connected to her dead sibling and is missing him or her deeply, sending her vital energy to the past and not being connected to her life. There are plenty of other examples.

School of Life

Bert Hellinger, the originator of the Family Constellations work, had to face an important question in his life. This question was about the happiness of the people. He started searching for ways to help people to be happy and successful in life. While doing it, Bert Hellinger has discovered a few fundamental laws that function in this life. They are called Orders of Love. If these orders are followed, life is flowing freely from one generation to another. If these orders are violated, this is how life energy starts floating to the past instead of life. Bert Hellinger and his wife Sophie have founded a School of Life, the school that teaches people to connect to life.
During many years of work was discovered that people do break those fundamental orders. Why? Because of fear, shame, guilt. This is the fear of being rejected by the family, the shame of doing something that is not welcomed by the family, feeling guilty to be happy because someone was suffering in the family and more. Because of all of this people suffer serious consequences in life.

What are Family Constellations About?

Family constellations is the way of connecting to life, the way of releasing vital energy from the past to serve the life. Using Family Constellations you can work on your health, relationships, life circumstances, professional and business issues, on any kind if questions and matters.

Elena Nesterenko – Family Constellations Facilitator