17 Oct

Key Points of Success

Systemic Constellations Aligning with Sucess Elena Nesterenko

Life, roots, destiny, higher purpose.
The main points to connect to.
To gain strength.
To take place. Your own place.
To get aligned.
To move on.

Elena Nesterenko
Facilitator, Aligning to with Success

17 Oct

Opportunities to Grow

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

“The biggest treasures are guarded by the most ferocious dragons. To get the treasure, you have to approach the dragon and kiss it.” – Bert Hellinger
“Your illness is your greatest gift.” – Sophie Hellinger
“The emotions you once thought of as negative are merely a call to action.” – Tony Robbins
“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

All of the above have something in common. Each statement points to the opportunities to grow.

Family Constellations in Toronto
Elena Nesterenko

14 Oct

How do You Become Successful in Something?

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

How do you become successful in something?
You need to get connected to it as much as possible.

Where to you learn to build connections?
In your family.
Your first connections are between you and your parents, your grandparents, your uncles and aunts, your siblings. People who are successful in building those initial connections know how to connect to the people around in life. They know how to connect to their work, business, society, to the Life itself.

Your relationship between you and your family is a number one importance to build your successful life.
Why do people fail in their life projects and relationships?
Very often this happens because their relationship with their family have never evolved.
It got stuck on a level of childhood.
This causes stuckness in any life projects. Because the way you are connected to your family the same way you connect to life.

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16 Sep

Person & Family – Balance

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

Social Creatures

Human beings are social creatures. We cannot exist separately from other people. Therefore we form systems (families, villages, cities, countries, institutions, political parties, religion and so on). With our best or worse intentions, or naturally we create groups. We might want to be with someone we love, or we might want to become stronger so we can protect ourselves, or we might want to influence some other groups, or we might want to make money, spread knowledge – many reasons. As a result those groups begin to live their own lives.

Systems live their own lives and influence its members.

They influence us and the stronger the group is the stronger is its influence. Читать далее

11 Jan


Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

“All people are successful. The question is “in what?”. Lots of people are successful in sending their vital energy to the past, which keeps them disconnected from their life. If you want to be successful in your life today you need to send your energy towards life.”

“Your roots and your past are the source of energy and wisdom for you.” Читать далее

11 Jan

Когда Состояние Невыносимо

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

If your sate is too much for you, if you feel too intense, or too emotional, or too tired, this means you are out of balance. What does it mean? From many family constellations sessions it often shows that when people are out of balance, it means they are holding a wrong place in their family system. Usually they are connected to the past. Often they try to parent their mother or their father as if their parents were children. Also it happens, they are connected to some past trauma in their family, and not simply connected, but connected to just one side of it.

More about it during the family constellations workshops:
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11 Jan

Правильная Ответственность

Family Constellations in Toronto

Guilt, shame, and taking someone’s responsibility makes you ill. Taking your own responsibility makes you strong and is very healing for your dignity.

This is all from the Family Constellation work and from Hellinger’s books.

Elena Nesterenko – Family Constellations Facilitator
Family Constellations in Toronto

11 Jan

У Вас Есть Всё, Что нужно. Проблема как Благословение. Питающий Источник.

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

Whatever situation you face in your life tells you a lot about yourself.
It actually gives you a feedback on your current state.
People who are into some spiritual activity say that things happen not to you but for you. They also say we live in the attraction based universe. I agree. And I’d like to invite you now not only to know this but to live through this.

We are Equipped

Our bodies are being constantly attacked by some bacteria. In our body, our little universe, there is happening a constant fight to protect us against the enemies. And if you only think of how many harmful enemies in a form of bacteria we have, it might feel depressing. Читать далее

11 Jan

Убеждения и Осознаность

Family Constellations - Educationa and Practical Workshop - Stuckness - by Elena Nesterenko in Totno Area

We carry many very well established beliefs built out of certain past circumstances. They come to us from our background: our country, our religion, our family. We obey certain beliefs on our cellular level if not even deeper. The important thing here is that these beliefs get built into our beings so deeply, so we do not see the difference anymore: where are us and where are the beliefs that might be already obsolete and even damaging to us. Читать далее