11 Jan

У Вас Есть Всё, Что нужно. Проблема как Благословение. Питающий Источник.

Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

Whatever situation you face in your life tells you a lot about yourself.
It actually gives you a feedback on your current state.
People who are into some spiritual activity say that things happen not to you but for you. They also say we live in the attraction based universe. I agree. And I’d like to invite you now not only to know this but to live through this.

We are Equipped

Our bodies are being constantly attacked by some bacteria. In our body, our little universe, there is happening a constant fight to protect us against the enemies. And if you only think of how many harmful enemies in a form of bacteria we have, it might feel depressing. Oh, this bacteria causes cancer, this causes diabetes, this causes pneumonia, and so on. People invented antibiotics to fight against bacteria. But certain types of antibiotics work against certain bacteria only and there are side effects and so on. This is getting too complicated already. And do you remember that we, the people today, we are survivals of such disease as plague deadly disease? At least our ancestors are, otherwise we would not be here now 🙂 And there are people who had sexual intercourse with the HIV-positive partners and are healthy after. And there are cancer cells in every body, but not everyone gets cancer even though there is always an opportunity. Why is that? Because we are equipped. Our bodies, our little universes, are equipped to work on these things. We have natural resources for that. The question is: how do we access these resources? I give you a little tip: they are a permanent source of energy.

Your Body Knows

I do not really use the word “negativity” in my life. I just look and try to understand: why do I attract, for example, anger or aggression, or nagging, or some other form of “negativity”? And why is my reaction the way it is? I understand, this is something in me. And I am not speaking of some rare occasions, I am speaking of the repetitive situations that persist. I look at my reactions and I understand, where do I have that charge in me, where am I not neutral. For example, sitting in a victim-aggressor charge will easily attract aggressive situations. So we might say, that every “negative” situation is a feedback on where to work and to grow.

With the technology today we can take a picture of people’s aura. And you might notice, that there are darker areas with less color. Those areas are reflecting some illness or imbalance in the organs near the darker spot. Those, who are into energy healing can feel and say that these areas, for example, lack energy. Where is it? Where did it go? Why it is not there? Good questions. And also, energy healers say often, there is someone’s anger, jealousy, or something else sitting in those areas. Someone told me once: there is no place without any energy in this world. Once you create emptiness, something will use this opportunity. When you have those areas of emptiness in your energy field, you get something in there. And us, regular people, we are surrounded by news, traffic, financial questions, Wi-Fi, cell phones, and so on. We are more connected to the Internet and TV rather than to some higher forces and the nature. Whatever we are surrounded with, enters our empty spots.

Now it is very easy to start feeling hunted by “negative” people or situations. This easily gives the same feeling of being overwhelmed as in case of bacteria: too many things to protect yourself against, and to fight, and to resist. This is getting too complicated again. And the good thing is: your body knows how to protect itself. All you need is to get yourself connected to the nourishing source and let your body work freely. Trust your source, your body, your destiny, this life. It helps. A lot.

So, now, all you need, is to keep your energy field, you aura, filled with good energy.

The Source

Nature, music, pray, meditation – this all gives you good energy. Everything, what makes you happy is good. Now, we need something permanent, filling our bodies with energy. You can permanently move to mountains and meditate for the whole days. Your darker spots will become much smaller and more colored. And if you still stay in civilization, have family, home, work, traffic, news, Wi-Fi, phones, Internet, stress, you name it, you need that source that works for you permanently. And this source is your ROOTS, your ancestors, your homeland, your gratitude and trust in life. And this source is within your body, you can reach it at any moment. And it gives you that incredible happiness, strength, and protection. To connect to your roots: close your eyes, imagine your mother in front of you, bow to her and say: “Thank you for giving me life! I have everything I need now!” Then, the same to your father, to all your ancestors, to the universe: “Thank you for the chance to be here, it is an honor for me! I’ll do my best.” And if you feel unhappy about your mother or your father, remember: there are problems and there are expenses. This is good to learn the difference. What is a problem? It is losing the life, or get physically damaged. The rest can be categorized as expenses, they are for you to learn and grow. The gift of life cannot be compared to any other things, they are all smaller. Repeat this routine every day. And when you thank your ancestors, breathe in the power coming from them. This is that infinite nourishing source, always there for you.

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