16 Sep

Person & Family – Balance

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

Strong System – Weak Members

For the beginning let’s look at systems in general. I am talking about systems formed by people, about social formations.
And here are the two simple observations:

Strong System – Weak Members

The stronger the system is the weaker the people are in it.
Stronger systems offer more support to its members so the members rely on this support more. The pay for it is losing personal power as for the good life, health and so on people rely on the system.

Weak System – The Strongest Survive

The weaker the system is the more its members have to rely on their own qualities. So, only the strongest survive. There is much less comfort and more challenge but there are more opportunities for the personal growth. Читать далее

06 Sep

Следующий Семинар – Новый Адрес – Рядом с Метро

Family Constellations in Toronto by Elena Nesterenko

Hello everyone! 🙂

Fall family constellations workshops are beginning on Saturday, September 21st.
The workshops will be taking place at a new location near Christie subway station.
For more information please refer here: family constellations workshops schedule.

Elena Nesterenko – Family Constellations Facilitator
Sep 2019

17 Mar

Мир в Душе

Family Constellations Toronto Vaughat

The deepest search of the family constellations work is peace.
Peace in the world.
Peace between men and women.
Peace between … you can continue this list in many ways.

Bert Hellinger has a beautiful saying: “Peace begins in the soul”.
What can we do for this world?
How can we serve this Life?
By making peace in our own souls.
By finding that balance in our own souls.
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11 Jan


Family Constellations in Toronton Area Vaughan Elena Nesterenko

“All people are successful. The question is “in what?”. Lots of people are successful in sending their vital energy to the past, which keeps them disconnected from their life. If you want to be successful in your life today you need to send your energy towards life.”

“Your roots and your past are the source of energy and wisdom for you.” Читать далее

11 Jan

Когда Состояние Невыносимо

Family Constellations Toronto Elena Nesterenko

If your sate is too much for you, if you feel too intense, or too emotional, or too tired, this means you are out of balance. What does it mean? From many family constellations sessions it often shows that when people are out of balance, it means they are holding a wrong place in their family system. Usually they are connected to the past. Often they try to parent their mother or their father as if their parents were children. Also it happens, they are connected to some past trauma in their family, and not simply connected, but connected to just one side of it.

More about it during the family constellations workshops:
Family Constellations Workshops Schedule
Elena Nesterenko – Family Constellations in Toronto

11 Jan

Правильная Ответственность

Family Constellations in Toronto

Guilt, shame, and taking someone’s responsibility makes you ill. Taking your own responsibility makes you strong and is very healing for your dignity.

This is all from the Family Constellation work and from Hellinger’s books.

Elena Nesterenko – Family Constellations Facilitator
Family Constellations in Toronto

11 Jan

Признаки Связи с Травмой из Прошлого

Family Constellations in Toronto by Elena Nesterenko

Family Constellations are all about connecting people to Life.

What does it mean, being connected to Life?

To me, it means that your vital force, the one that comes to you from your roots and from the source of Life, is directed towards your life: yourself, your day today, your family, your work, your projects.
Many people are not connected to their Life here and now, at least not completely, because, often, their vital energy goes to the past or reaches to the future. And living the Life without being connected to it is like driving a car and not watching the road. Читать далее