16 May

Your Place in Life

Family Constellations Therapy Elena Nesterenko

Have you ever felt like not knowing where is your right place in Life?

It is almost like you don’t know who you are… Who you are in any ways and aspects: job, friends, family… It is when you feel misplaced or not placed the right way. And this is very important to take your right place in Life.

This is very important to take your right place in Life.

But what is this right place at all?

What is Right Place in Life?

Family Constellations bring a lot of insights on this question. They come from many practical sessions. And one of the most important insights is that you need to take the right place in your family system to get to your right place in Life. Or, if you are not in your right place in your family system this affects your life in many ways.

This is very important to take your right place in your family system to get into your right place in Life.

What is this right place in your family system I explain during my Family Constellations workshops (workshops schedule). Family Constellations help people taking that correct place in their family. To be short: you need to be at your right place in relation to your parents, your siblings and there is more to it. And right now let’s see how taking wrong place in your family system affects your Life.

How it Affects Your Life if You are Not in Your Right Place in Your Family

1. You Take Extra Burden

Bert Hellinger says that guilt, shame, taking someone else’s responsibility makes people ill and unsuccessful. Every family has its own set of rules on what is shame, guilt. When you are trying to take someone else’s place in the family system you take upon yourself extra guilt, shame, pain that this person is carrying. So, besides of your own problems (what belongs to you is actually your task, not a problem 🙂 ) you begin to carry more: problems that do not belong to you! This just brings you down as you cannot resolve what belongs to someone else.

2. You Easily Become Not Sure of Your Calling

You might be very gifted in many ways but even having all of it you might become not sure what is the right thing to do for you in Life.

3. You Might Feel Stuck

You might feel like you don’t want to move or like you want to move but you cannot, like something is holding you back. You also might feel luck of motivation.

4. You Might Feel Emotionally Low

Yes, all the sadness, grief, anger, frustration that belong to other family members might start affecting you. And you might take all those emotions as your own even though they are not yours.

5. You Might Feel Tired

Why? Because carrying extra might lower your energy level. Also all the low emotions take your energy away. And also, taking a wrong place in your family system weakens your connection to your roots. And your roots are your powerful source of energy.

Who to Blame? 😉

When you end up blaming your difficult family members, their difficult destinies you only disconnect yourself from Life more. There is no one to blame. This is for you to work on.

Taking you right place in your family and in your Life is your job.

Take Your Step to Your Life!
Elena Nesterenko
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