11 Jan

Убеждения и Осознаность

Family Constellations - Educationa and Practical Workshop - Stuckness - by Elena Nesterenko in Totno Area

We carry many very well established beliefs built out of certain past circumstances. They come to us from our background: our country, our religion, our family. We obey certain beliefs on our cellular level if not even deeper. The important thing here is that these beliefs get built into our beings so deeply, so we do not see the difference anymore: where are us and where are the beliefs that might be already obsolete and even damaging to us.
For example:
If a girl’s father was abusive, she might develop the whole dynamic as a result: “Men are abusive. I must be afraid of men.”

When we mix deeply with a belief, we do not distinguish anymore, where is our self and where is this belief. And we make decisions based on some possibly damaging or obsolete beliefs without even realizing what is ruling our life. Family constellations do this: they bring HIDEN DYNAMICS (beliefs) TO LIGHT. This not only allows the energies to calm down but also allows us to become conscious of the situation: “Oh! That is why!”:
Family constellations Toronto by Elena Nesterenko

This simple image illustrates the situation, when beliefs are consious and where they are not.

From Women’s Workshop, June 2018
Elena Nesterenko
Family Constellations, Toronto
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