11 Jan

Признаки Связи с Травмой из Прошлого

Family Constellations in Toronto by Elena Nesterenko

Family Constellations are all about connecting people to Life.

What does it mean, being connected to Life?

To me, it means that your vital force, the one that comes to you from your roots and from the source of Life, is directed towards your life: yourself, your day today, your family, your work, your projects.
Many people are not connected to their Life here and now, at least not completely, because, often, their vital energy goes to the past or reaches to the future. And living the Life without being connected to it is like driving a car and not watching the road. Not many of us would agree to such a ride 😉

What is it, that holds us in the past?

Usually, this is some kind of past trauma. Either our own or form our family past (and not only!). Our success can also keep us in the past, but most commonly this is trauma. And many people, even though the trauma is over, keep living the trauma over and over again.
Family constellations help people to take their vital force out of the past trauma and direct it towards the Life.

And here are a few most common signs of being connected to the past trauma:

1. Looking down often. If you pay attention to the people around you, you might notice those, who keep looking down, even though they have not dropped anything to the ground.
2. Looking anywhere else but your eyes when talking to you. This is a symptom of looking at the inner image from the past.
3. If there are repetitive illnesses or circumstances in the family through generations.
4. Lots of piercing or tattoos. (not just for fashion).
5. Overreacting. I am not talking of simply being stressed and reacting too strongly. But if you notice the person is overreacting to certain typical circumstances, if his/her anger, sadness, fear (or other emotion) is way too much, this is a sign of beig connected to the past. For example, if the surrounding is safe, but the person experiences some unexplainable fear or anxiety, this is the case.

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