17 Mar

Мир в Душе

Family Constellations Toronto Vaughat

The deepest search of the family constellations work is peace.
Peace in the world.
Peace between men and women.
Peace between … you can continue this list in many ways.

Bert Hellinger has a beautiful saying: “Peace begins in the soul”.
What can we do for this world?
How can we serve this Life?
By making peace in our own souls.
By finding that balance in our own souls.

We all have feminine and masculine energies in us. They come to us from our mother and our father. They come to us from our roots. And there is a lot of work to be done for bringing these two energies to peace as there is a lot of collective trauma by now.

Another thing Bert Hellinger said is: “Peace is in the hands of a victim”. Yes, this is up to the victim to allow reconciliation to begin.

If in one reincarnation you were a man hurting women and not caring about their suffering then in the next your reincarnation you might be a woman badly hurt by a man so you can understand the pain. Or the opposite. The most important is that this is probably the way the Big Soul is looking for balance.

Hellinger teaches about success in relationships. And he says that by not responding to something that hurts, swallowing everything you actually destroy the relationship. He speaks of paying back with love. How? When you do something bad in return but less. And eventually the bad disappears and gets replaced by the good. And the good starts to grow.

I think the same idea might be applied to karma. When you come here and have to face something difficult then you might consider a new way of reacting by adding a bit of humanity in every your action. Even if you are angry or hurt. And again, seeing a bigger picture helps a lot.

Elena Nesterenko
Family Constellations Facilitator
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